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Our Mission:

In late 2020 we started to notice the large amount of early Intel iMacs being discarded. Whether that be on the curb, in the trash or at our local recycling centers. It was clear that something had to be done about this growing e-waste problem so we decided to found a company with one mission at its core, to find new uses for ageing hardware.

In 2022 our first Kickstarter was successfully funded with help from the passionate vintage mac community. Since then we’ve worked diligently to create unique, high quality products that everyone can appreciate.

Juicy Crumb is the home of up-cycling, we sell products designed in house, such as the DockLite and JC Hi-FI. As well as products designed by members of the community, like the BlueSCSI, ZuluSCSI and ClassicBot.

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Our Products:

The DockLite delivers an effective and simple solution to turn your ageing iMac into a functional external display. The integrated amplifier allows for use of the internal speakers and Juicy-Link lets you easily adjust the backlights luminance. The onboard USB hub also allows you to take advantage of your iMacs original onboard accessories.


“This is some next level s**t”

Luke Miani

Action Retro

“Worthy of a F**K YEAH!”

YouTube Commenter

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Meet The Team

The C stands for “Crumb”

Adrian Franulovich

CTO – Technology Officer

At 14 Adrian bought a second hand Mac Plus and that started an obsession of buying, restoring and collecting old Apple products. Now with one of, if not the most conclusive historical Apple collection globally, Adrian spends his days helping others with tech and finance, and fixing whatever he can.

Timothy de Denaro

CEO – Executive Officer

Tim has been an active member in the Vintage Apple community for some time. You might know him from the YouTube channel, “Pendleton115” where he is most well known for building Bluetooth iPods and turning iMac G4’s into external displays.

Jon Co

CEO – Engineering Officer

Jon has a passion for old hardware and the electronics skills to match. Jon has worked extensively in the past with the Apple II community and is one half of He just showed up to the office one day and started designing PCB’s. I guess that worked out pretty well for us!

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