Please Read Before Purchasing the DockLite

There have been preliminary reports from some customers that their DockLites are not compatible with their iMac, after some investigation it was discovered that in rare cases some 2011 27” iMac Models may not be compatible.

This is incredibly rare, about a 1 in 500 chance and is usually only the case for iMac models that had the display or inverter replaced by Apple after 2013.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2024-01-25-at-11.35.51-am.png

Please review the above comparison to see if you have a compatible Inverter/LCD before purchasing the DockLite.

If you do not have a compatible inverter and LCD configuration please reach out using our contact-form to discuss further steps.

If you are located in Australia and have an incompatible inverter and LCD please reach out as we are eager to get our hands on one.