Frequently Asked Questions

Right now we only offer support for the iMac G4 and 2011 iMac, we recommend subscribing to our mailing list or following our social media to be notified of future product announcements.

Juicy Crumb is a small startup based in Sydney Australia. Our pricing is influenced by several factors including the current buying power of the Australian dollar. Our products are meticulously crafted from high-quality components and proudly designed in Australia. As we continuously refine our manufacturing processes, we remain committed to reviewing pricing and ensuring our customers receive premium products without compromise.

At Juicy Crumb, our mission is centered around recycling and reusing older hardware. While you might find a comparable LCD monitor at a similar price, it won’t match the superior build quality or the array of features present in the original iMac, such as built-in speakers, an IR reader, webcam, and more. Embracing our commitment to sustainability, we believe in preserving the unique functionalities that make your iMac stand out from the rest.

The Juicy Crumb Upgrade board does have an involved installation process, we recommend having at least some prior computer hardware knowledge before attempting the installation yourself.
That being said, we provide highly detailed and straight forward guides to make the installation process as easy as possible.